Exploring Dreams and Reality 1. Plus Gardens

Saville Gardens, Windsor Great Park

In my Garden


Exploring Ideas for Dreams and Reality 

Unit 2: The Photographic Project – Dreams/Reality

Learning Outcome 1 (LO1)
Understand photographic research.
1.1 Identify a subject for a photographic project.
1.2 Carry out research for a photographic project.

Learning Outcome 2 (LO2)
Be able to produce a photographic project.
2.1 Identify photographic resources to complete a photographic project.
2.2 Produce photographic images to meet identified goals.
2.3 Identify presentational forms for a photographic project.
2.4 Assess the photographic project.

Learning Outcome 3 (LO3)
Understand photographic practice and health and safety procedures.
3.1 Identify and use safe working practices in a photographic project.

Aim: The aim of Unit 2 is to explore photographic techniques studio or location based in order to develop ideas.

Task 2 (AC 2.1, 2.2)
Develop your ideas of ‘Dreams – Reality’ using your early research as the starting point. It will involve making a series of test shots, and analysing your images in the blog.

The following images represent some initial ideas and explorations – not necessarily ideas or photos I will use.

My Mum has dementia and lives in a world partly imaginary and partly reality. She has dreamed a whole new family for herself which are very real to her whilst knowing she lives in a Care Home and still recognising her real family. Pictures are labelled to help her remember people. She has memories from far in the past but more recent events are lost.

If I chose this as a topic I would need to think of images that would clearly express the differences between her dreams and the reality of her situation.

Portraits: I had some ideas around close up images of faces, specifically eyes to see if the eyes would express peoples dreams and expectations. The following experimental pictures are of four generations.

Water Sculpture incorporating movement and sound



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